"My goal is to achieve

the best possible sound-quality and flexibility within the budgets.

I can take your sound to the next level"  - Jasper

Live Sound         |           Studio Mixing Engineer         |           About Jasper

Live Sound         |           Studio Mixing Engineer         |           About Jasper

Live Sound


I can make you or your band sound great and let your audience have a great experience listening and watching your show. If there are extra steps needed to make you sound greater, I’ll take those steps.


Also for events and shows I can take care of preproduction and on-site engineering. The client can benefit from my extensive experience in this field.


I have a no-nonsense approach. My goal is to achieve the best possible sound-quality and flexibility within the budgets. In some cases you’ll need to be prepared for changes in setup, line-up or ‘directors-wishes’. I’ll make sure to do a good inventory and have some space for change of plans.


For bands: click here for details, prices, information about live-sound reinforcement. This can be a one-off or complete tours. I’m up to anything from large venues to small clubs.


For event-companies: click here for information about the services I can offer you!



For the techies around here, I can bring my own:

• Waves Soundgrid server with MGB and all soundgrid compatible plugins

• Smaart 7 measurement setup

• microphones/outboard


I have experience with almost any analog and digital mixing desk. I prefer Midas, Yamaha and Digico; depending on situation




• The Voice of Holland (Live)

• The Voice Kids (Live)

• It takes Two (TV)

• Brigitte Kaandorp (several tours)

• Petra Berger (Tour)

• Vrienden van Amstel zingen Kroonjuwelen (TV)

• Ik hou van Holland (TV)


System-/FOH Engineer

• Metropole Orchestra

• Holland Festival (several productions)

• Ground Zero festival (EDM)

• Zomer op het Plein festival

• Indian Summer festival


System design and FOH engineer

• Seat press-shows at international Motor Shows


• Volkswagen special shows worldwide




Studio Mixing Engineer


I can take your sound to the next level. I use my extensive live-sound experience within studio projects. I strive for a dynamic mix which on the other hand is super-steady and ready to be played on radio, Spotify, Apple Music or with a CD player.


And no, I’m not a Grammy nominated engineer yet. That’s a goal that I have to achieve still and by sending your tracks to me for mixing, you’re giving me an opportunity to get there!


Click here for more info and rates.


And if you want to improve your own skills, click here for some tips and tricks I made up for you!


I’m working in my own facility where I can mix and do some vocal/instrument recordings. Since last year I have a hybrid setup. I like working in the box, but for me having the possibility of running audio through some analog hardware and a ‘real’ mixing desk gives me that special feeling. I’m not going to say anything about sound quality in this regard. All I know is that a mix can greatly benefit from moving real faders and knobs. For me it’s mainly a psychological thing, but hey, who cares when your results are better and you have more fun mixing?


If you’re interested in complete production and arranging, I’m happy to be able to introduce you to two super gifted producers/arrangers that I work with. Peter Nijssen and Peter Bergman have worked with many Dutch and international artists. They can make your song stand out from the rest. Just feel free to contact us and we can make you an offer for your tracks.

For the techies and interested people


• Protools 12

• Fully modified Allen & Heath System 8 mixer (24-8-2)

   with HQ caps, Burr Brown opamps, Carnhill

   transformers on outputs

• Focusrite ISA220 channelstrip

• Neve 8801 channelstrip

• DBX 160SL compressor

• TL Audio C1 pre-amp/compressor

• DBX 160X compressor

• Drawmer M500 dynamics

• TL Audio 5021-2 dynamics

• EMO Systems Graphic EQ

• Neumann TLM170 (pair)

• AKG C451 (original, 4x), D80, D20 (vintage, nice for toms)

• Audix D6

• PSI A21M monitors

• Apogee miniDAC

• self-build 5.1 surround monitor system (Scanspeak/

   Peerless), fully active system powered by Parasound




• Sascha & Tialda (singles and live registration)

• Odeke de Koning (album)

• Brigitte Kaandorp (show, 5.1 DVD)

• Roan (single)

• LEK (EP)

• Woonfabriek (commercial)

• Samen Lees Bijbel (40 popsongs, arrangement/


• PB Quintet (EP)


Live Sound         |           Studio Mixing Engineer         |          About Jasper

Live Sound         |           Studio Mixing Engineer         |          About Jasper

About Jasper


I’m a Utrecht (NL) based mixing engineer. In 1989 I touched the first (semi-pro) mixing desk and from then on I couldn’t live without one. Playing trumpet as a kid, listening to a lot of different music styles and a lot of interest in the technical side of things made me starting as a live-sound engineer. Since I started my own company in sound engineering soon people also asked me to mix their songs and shows in the studio.


The combination of live-sound and studio-engineering works best for me. While in live-sound it is often necessary to work very quick, with studio-projects it’s possible to get more into the details. I like both aspects equally and it’s also beneficial because you can use studioskills in live and vice versa.


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